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TAKE A SEAT auction

For the project «Take a seat» Jan Henrik Hansen and colleague Armin Seltz have reinterpreted 4 of the classic Horgenglarus chairs. The treatment with a photoreactive emulsion lets the chairs react to a projection of a musical relief onto them, which is translated from a xylophon-solo. 4 characteristic passages of the solo have been projected on the chairs from different angles in such a way that spacial phenomena like depth of field and shadows become visible – as well as a completely photographically exposed and a completely “virgin” side of the chairs are shown.

The project «Take a seat» was brought to life at the Café/Bar «Z am Park» by Aekae in April 2009 as part of the interior concept. Various designers and artists were tasked with reinterpreting four of the classic Horgenglarus bistro chairs in their own way.

The finished chairs can be seen and uses at the Café Z am Park for 6 months before they are auctioned off.