Badminton Hall, Langnau am Albis

Starting point of the design was the requirement to create a new building over the existing car park of the sports center, and to ensure the spatial and operational connection to the existing infrastructure. The polygonal geometry of the hall volume was defined precisely by the spatial requirements of the badminton game.

The exceptional clear height of the inner space is contrasted by the rather flat parking field being open to the environment. The bearing of the hall is put into scene by a grid of specifically formed columns that in conjunction with the ceiling form a stiff concrete table. On it a steel skeleton structure spans a column-free interior over the five playing fields.

The spatial characteristics of the game of badminton can therefore be experienced from inside and outside by the rhythm of the supporting structure as well as the geometry of the hall volume.

Client : Sihlsports AG, direct commission 2011
Location : Langnau am Albis
Project team : in collaboration with Rolf Iseli, Jan Henrik Hansen, Ioanna Intze, Roman Zulauf, Vadim Unger, Armin Seltz
Status : Completion 2014
Photos: Roger Frei, Zurich