Extension Public School Marzili

The projects intention is to extend the qualities of the existing complex with a convincing project in an aesthetic, technical, economical and ecological sense. The new buildings will be attractively and efficiently integrated into the exterior of the entire complex and are oriented to all sides.

Two differently sized volumes complement the existing structures and integrate into the mostly orthogonal system of the complex. Through their precise placement within the complex and the resulting formation of court yards, they retain the ‘flowing’ landscape and enable an ingenious solution to the functional processes of a school. Additionally surrounding landscape and all current views within and outside the complex, remain intact.

The interior as well as exterior materials are natural as much as possible. The selected materials emanate an atmosphere of warmth and security. The construction is consciously being kept simple by using standardized parts and common, economical materials. Combining this with the structural concept, an economical solution in line with the prerequisites has been sought. Therefore also running the complex is robust and low-cost.

Surfaces are intended as canvases to be shaped by their users and will form a natural patina through their age and use.

The jury’s evaluation can be found at the website of the city of Bern.

Organization : Präsidialdirektion Hochbau Stadt Bern, open competition
Location : Marziliquartier, Bern
Project team : Jan Henrik Hansen, Reinhard Prikoszovich (project manager), Roman Zulauf, Armin Seltz, Lorenz Eugster (landscape architect), Carlo Galmarini (civil engineer)
Status : competition 2nd prize