House Candela, Birchwil

Essential design concern upon request of the client is the theme of light. The orientation and organization of the building one hand corresponds to the needs of the owner and on the other hand depends on the daily path of the sun.

Particular attention is paid to the two light rooms, which bring natural light from above in both floors. In order to meet the different needs of the residents, a mobile and light transmissive layer is added to the facade, which can be set arbitrarily.

The terrain of the property is shape to provide optimal light for the storey bedded into the sloping site. The otherwise introverted floor opens to the southeast to the morning sun and a private garden area.

The more extroverted ground floor is placed on top of the plot and oriented according to the daily path of the sun to three sides. The main focus is the Southwest with a covered outdoor space and a flat garden. Towards the road in the north the building structure remains largely closed. The main use of the representative, open floor is cooking, eating and living.

Client : private, direct commission 2005
Location : Rooswiesen, 8309 Birchwil-Nürensdorf
Project team : Jan Henrik Hansen, Rolf Iseli, Manuel Weber
Status : suspended after building permit