Primary school Schauenberg, Zurich

The structure of the new primary school Schauenberg divides the site into two characteristic outside areas – an urban square with enclosed schoolyard as the new focus of the neighborhood and face of the school, as well as a connected sports ground embedded in the green surroundings on a lower level. By placing the sports hall underground, the whole building only reaches a maximum of two floors above ground, which is believed to be a suitable scale for a students in primary school. By developing a connection between the different sports areas the whole complex is connected to the neighborhood and represents a tangible value for the local community.

Promoter : City of Zurich, Building Department, open competition 2013
Location : Zurich
Project Team : Jan Henrik Hansen, Reinhard Prikoszovich, Imogen Macpherson, Lorenz Eugster (landscape architect), Claus Meier (structural engineer, Ernst Basler + Partner AG), Heinz Richter (building services planner, Ernst Basler + Partner AG)
Status : competition completed 2014
Renderings : Nightnurse Images