School with sport facilities, Gandiole, Sénégal

The high school of Gandiole, a fisher village in the north of Sénégal is extended by new class rooms and a sports zone. The new building volume supplements the existing class room facilities to form a quad, thereby defining the school yard, and separating it from the sports area. A multi-purpose roofed zone constitutes the head of the new complex, that can serve as open air class room, as stage or communication zone. The central court yard gives access to three class rooms, a faculty room and a storage area. On the other side of the building facing the sport facilities the roof cantilever provides a sun shaded spectator- and recreation area, equipped with seating tiers. To shield the basket-, volley and handball areas from the winds of the adjacent atlantic ocean, walls with further seating tiers enclose the entire sports zone and evoke the impression of a small stadium.

Client : Aide Gandiole e.V., direct commission 2011
Location : Gandiole, Sénégal, Africa
Project team : in collaboration with Rolf Iseli, Jan Henrik Hansen, Ioanna Intze, Robert Maurer (civil engineer), Ababacar Sambe (civil engineer)
Status : construction completed 2013