Sports hall and primary school, Muenchenbuchsee

The existing school facilities are located in a historically grown, listed building ensemble and scenery which forms a demanding context. The aim is to expand the existing complex within the meaning of the existing qualities. The new building will thus be integrated into the system as a continuation of the inventory. However, the extension of the special education school emancipates in situational terms insofar that it remains unaffected from its historically evolved context. Thus the new sports hall and school with four classes along with the swimming pool and outdoor sport zone define a new focus for the special education school.

Promoter : Amt für Grundstücke und Gebäude des Kantons Bern, open competition
Location : Educational Center for Hearing and Language Münchenbuchsee
Project team : Jan Henrik Hansen, Reinhard Prikoszovich, Roman Zulauf, Pascale Akkerman (Xeros Landschaftsarchitects), Iwan Besmer (structural engineer, Besmer Brunner GmbH)
Status : competition completed 2014