Textile Installations

Commissions for temporary installations provide an opportunity to put specific events into scene within given spaces in short time. Textile Hypersurfaces allow for a dramatic manipulation of the appearance of a space with simple means. They constitute fascinating projection carriers for light, pictures and film. Their warp, transparency and superimposition can transform projected pictures into spatial scenarios. The projected content is partly generated in collaboration with light artists and media agencies. As architects we conceive this performance as experience of light and space and inspiration for architectural concepts.


Spaces Clubs
La Defence, Paris Kornhauskeller, Bern Kaufleuten, Zurich UG, Zurich
Kongresszentrum, Davos Dampfzentrale, Bern Oxa, Zurich Rote Fabrik, Zurich
Kunsthaus, Zurich Olmahalle, St. Gallen Flex, Wien Sensor, Zurich
Tonhalle, Zurich Lorenzini, Bern Loft, Lucerne Tarot, Zurich
Kongresshaus, Zurich Lorzen-Saal, Cham SIP, Salon Bleu, Geneva
Messe, Zurich Sihlpapier Areal, Zurich Rohstofflager, Zurich
Schlosshotel, Val Sinestra Casino, Montreux Supermarket, Zurich
Maag Event Hall, Zurich Oberdorfstrasse, Zurich Dubclub, St. Gallen


Project team : Jan Henrik Hansen, Manuel Weber
Status : implemented 1999 until 2007
Photos : Jan Henrik Hansen, Manuel Weber