Conversion of bar restaurant Forum, Zurich

Three new identity-creating elements create the character of the bar, after the clearing of the building structure. Firstly an existing opening to the basement was utilized for the construction of a so-called descending front. It can create a classic arcade situation at the press of a button, by lowering the windows completely into the basement. This enables the conversion into a roofed outside area, which is particularly of advantage in the summer. The back walls of the bar are made of solid walnut and form an atmospheric backdrop with a plastic relief that also acts as a sound diffusor. In the basement the relocation of the building installations enabled the recreation of the original ceiling height: Thus the construction of the toilettes as a free standing concrete monolith by way of a room-in-room concept was possible and realized.

Client : Bar Restaurant Forum Gastro AG, direct commission 2004
Location : Badenerstrasse 120, Zurich
Project team : Jan Henrik Hansen, Rolf Iseli, Phil Steffen, Manuel Weber
Status : completed 2004